Horsebox Insurance

Horsebox Insurance

Horsebox Insurance from Millins Chartered Insurance Brokers

Millins have negotiated insurance facilities with various insurers to meet the needs of a wide variety of Horseboxes and their owners.

Horsebox Uses

Millins can arrange insurance for four different levels of Horsebox Use:-

  1. Private Use – Standard Social, Domestic and Pleasure use including commuting – suitable for those that transport their own horses, for pleasure only.
  2. Business Use – suitable for farmers, equestrian and other businesses; and/or those that work in the horse industry.
  3. Horse Transporters – suitable for those that transport horses in return for a fee, that is, hiring out your horsebox with a driver.
  4. Self Drive Hire – suitable for those that hire out their horsebox to others – without a driver, where the hirer drives the box themselves.

No Claims Discount (NCD)

Horseboxes uses 1 and 2 enjoy an extended (NCD) scheme

  • Up to 5 years NCD available
  • Up to 3 years Introductory NCD for those with a good driving history
  • Once you have reached 5 years NCD, you can protect it – this allows two fault claims in three years

Mileage Options

  • Standard 5,000 miles/annum, or,
  • Unlimited annual mileage

Cover Level

  • Comprehensive (includes accidental damage to your horsebox – including damage caused by horses and windscreen damage) or,
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft (excludes accidental damage to your horsebox and excludes windscreen damage – only available for horseboxes under £4,000 in value)

Low Excesses

  • From £150 for all uses other than Self Drive Hire (Excesses from £500).

Driver Age

  • Uses 1 & 2 – drivers of any age
  • Use 3 – from 21 years, Use 4 from 23 years

Quotes can also be arranged for horseboxes over £40,000; HGVs, breakdown cover and for European use

All of our quotes are undertaken over the phone, we find this the most effective way of ensuring that we meet your quote needs and deadline.  We’d be grateful if you were able to contact us by phone (Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm) for  further information, advice or a quote on 01704 821187.  However, if you would like to request a call back, please let us know via email to telling us your phone number and best time for us to phone you (within Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm).  Brief details about the insurance your need, your quote deadline and your preferred horsebox use/s will help us ensure that the correct handler contacts you within your deadline – thank you!