We’re sorry that you’ve suffered a loss.  We aim to help you with your claim, guide you through the claims process, and advise you how best to submit your claim to your insurer. Current policyholders are invited to Report a Claim here.

As every claim is different, it is best to telephone us so we can immmediately advise you on the best way to proceed with your particular claim. If our office is closed or you are just not able to contact us immediately, then please follow the general advice given below:-

  • DO promptly report any theft or missing property to the local police authority. Take a note of the handling constable’s name and number. Ask for your crime reference number.
  • DO take action to minimise your loss and prevent further damage. For example, if a building has been damaged, ask a builder to make the building safe.
  • DO report your claim to us promptly, a delay could result in your claim not being paid
  • DO call your vet promptly if your horse (or any other animal) has had an accident, illness or disease. Follow your vet’s advice.
  • DO if you’ve had an accident in your car (or any other motor vehicle) check your policy. Your insurer may have a claims/accident advice line that you can call
  • DO keep all paperwork and gather evidence. For example, take photos of the damage and get estimates for the repairs. Find your original purchase receipt, valuations, evidence of maintenance and any pre-loss photos that you may have
  • DON’T dispose of the evidence of your loss. For example, retain damaged items, travel tickets etc. until you’re authorised to dispose of them. Your insurer may want to inspect the damaged item.
  • DON’T If a Third Party is making a claim against you for damage you have caused to them or their property, it is vital that you do not discuss the detail with them, but simply ask them to call us. Similarly, any letter, writ or summons must immediately be sent to us – unanswered.
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