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We insure commercial & professional businesses of all shapes and sizes whilst never forgetting that each business is unique. That’s why we listen, design and deliver an insurance programme to suit your needs. This will be responsive when called upon, competitively priced and easy to manage.

If you need to make a claim, we’ll help with that too – from initial advice through to final settlement. Whether you are starting a new business, or are well established in your field, you will receive the same quality of service and professional care to suit the demands of your business.

We can arrange cover for your business premises, stock, vehicles, Employers Liability, Directors’ Liability, Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, trade credit insurance, product cover, goods-in-transit & business interruption are just a few of the many areas that Millins Chartered Insurance Brokers can assist your business with.

Below are some examples of likely cover but remember, at Millins, we pride ourselves on making sure that your policy is tailored to your own business requirements and we’d be delighted to discuss your needs in detail.

Policy Type:
Marine Contract Works Hired in Plant Plant Inspection Plant Breakdown Employee Dishonesty Legal Expenses Personal Accident
Business Travel Trade Credit Bonds Product Extortion/Tamper Product Guarantee/Recall Intellectual Property Rights Internet & Cyber Liability


Business insurance isn’t just about insuring the bricks and mortar or insuring against slips and trips, insuring your contents, your tools, your fixtures and your stock is vitally important and can include:

Cover For:
Stock Tools & Machinery High Risk Stock Computers & IT Equipment Fixtures & Fittings All Other Contents


Whether renting, owning or leasing your business premises – the need for quality insurance cover has never been greater.

Yet in today’s complex marketplace, the call-centre solution of ‘one-size-fits-all’ might not be the best solution for you or your business. That’s why Millins take the time to understand your business, your concerns and ensure that you’ve got the right cover in place for your business risks. No more. No less.

Millins Chartered Insurance Brokers can provide insurance for material damage to your buildings, such as fire, malicious/theft damage, storm, flood, burst pipes etc. Commercial Buildings Insurance doesn’t automatically include Subsidence cover, but we can easily arrange, as well as more specialist covers such as sprinkler leakage. The premium is based on the age and rebuilding cost of the building, its use, its construction, and claim history.

Obsolete Buildings cover is also available – buildings insurance for old buildings (not listed buildings) that you wouldn’t want to rebuild to their former glory in the event of a total loss. The rebuilding cost (and therefore the premium) of these buildings can be high. This is a special cover that allows you to pay a reduced premium on the understanding that should a total loss occur, you would rebuild in modern day materials.

Business interruption can be insured against. In the event of a major catastrophe, have you considered how to keep your business operating?
• A flood in your warehouse?
• Restaurant kitchen fire?
All of these can be insured against as can loss of income, denial of access and failure of utilities

Commercial Property Insurance


The haulage industry has specific risks and here at Millins Chartered Insurance Brokers we understand your requirements & concerns over vehicle security, driver training and vehicle downtime in the aftermath of an accident.

We know that having a vehicle off the road is a major problem for any fleet, be it an owner-operator or the largest of mixed vehicle fleets and as with all our clients, we work on your behalf with the aim of achieving fast, fair & prompt settlement of claims.

Not just LGV fleets though, we can also help with minibus PSV fleets, JCB, plant and even have one client with a helicopter on cover with us.

And for owners of self-drive horsebox hire fleets, we have a unique understanding of your requirements so talk to us about horsebox insurance.



Business Liability Insurance

Ensure you have adequate Employers Liability, Public Liability, Products Liability & Professional Liability Cover

There’s so many things to consider when running or starting up a business. And it’s easy to overlook insurance but without it you could be in danger of losing everything or even risking a prosecution.

Whatever your needs, we can help with a calm & easy review of your business and its insurance needs because here at Millins Chartered Insurance Brokers we always put you first.

Public Liability

Insures your legal liabilities to third parties for death, injury or disease or damage to their property arising in the course of your business.

Employers Liability

It is a legal requirement to insure your legal liabilities for death, injury or disease to your employees.

Products Liability

Your legal liability to third parties for death, injury or disease or damage to their property arising from products sold or supplied

Professional Indemnity

Protects persons that provide advice, design or offers similar services in a professional capacity and are remunerated by a specific fee. Cover is provided for defence costs and damages to protect your liability following negligent advice, error or omission.

Directors & Officers Liability

There is an ever increasing trend towards litigation aimed personally at directors and senior managers. A Directors liability is not limited and as such all personal assets are at risk.


Our range of insurance policies for the motor trade include a range of specialist covers including the usual:

  • Commercial Property
  • Liability Cover but also including:
    – Motor Risks
    – Damage to customers’ vehicles
    – Servicing indemnity & wrongful conversion (where a vehicle is stolen during a test drive for example)


Trade Credit Insurance from Millins Chartered Insurance Brokers
Winning orders in today’s competitive markets often requires offering credit terms to commercial customers. But when a buyer becomes insolvent before making payment it can have a crippling effect on the supplier’s balance sheet.

Trade credit insurance protects companies of all sizes against such losses, clearing the path to secure profitable growth.

Trade credit receivables represent an average 40% of UK companies’ assets. Protecting this asset provides invaluable balance sheet protection and safeguards profit margins – allowing suppliers of goods and services to trade with the confidence required to grow a business successfully.

A trade credit insurance policy provides broad and effective protection against the common problems of buyer insolvency and payment default – whether locally or overseas. Part of the protection offered by trade credit insurance is a continual assessment of buyer risks. This provides an effective early warning system and instils enhanced discipline in the insured company’s credit control function. Avoiding poorer quality debtors and focusing on building sales with better-rated companies improves performance overall.

As well as offering trading confidence and peace of mind trade credit insurance provides a range of additional benefits including a healthier loss ratio and improved access to finance. Insured companies also benefit from superior customer intelligence – allowing them to monitor and manage existing relationships, to direct their marketing strategies, and respond effectively to the dynamics of the markets in which they operate.


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