Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance from Millins Chartered Insurance Brokers

Avoid the worry with Trade Credit Insurance from Millins Chartered Insurance Brokers

Winning orders in today’s competitive markets often requires offering credit terms to commercial customers. But when a buyer becomes insolvent before making payment it can have a crippling effect on the supplier’s balance sheet. Trade credit insurance protects companies of all sizes against such losses, clearing the path to secure profitable growth.

Trade credit receivables represent an average 40% of UK companies’ assets. Protecting this asset provides invaluable balance sheet protection and safeguards profit margins – allowing suppliers of goods and services to trade with the confidence required to grow a business successfully.

A trade credit insurance policy provides broad and effective protection against the common problems of buyer insolvency and payment default – whether locally or overseas. Part of the protection offered by trade credit insurance is a continual assessment of buyer risks. This provides an effective early warning system and instils enhanced discipline in the insured company’s credit control function. Avoiding poorer quality debtors and focusing on building sales with better-rated companies improves performance overall.

As well as offering trading confidence and peace of mind trade credit insurance provides a range of additional benefits including a healthier loss ratio and improved access to finance. Insured companies also benefit from superior customer intelligence – allowing them to monitor and manage existing relationships, to direct their marketing strategies, and respond effectively to the dynamics of the markets in which they operate.

To discuss how this extremely cost effective protection against bad debts can help your business, simply contact:- Andy Smith ACII, Chartered Insurance Broker Commercial Broking Director on 01704 821187.

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