From time to time, our clients let us know if they are satisfied with the service we have provided. We are grateful for any feedback (good or bad) as it is important to us, that we deliver the quality of service that you expect.   If you have any comments, we would very much like to hear from you.

Thank you for your contribution.

Millin Insurance were most helpful in processing my horse insurance claim at a most distressing time. They were sympathetic and efficient in getting the claim satisified promptly. I would not use anyone else for equine insurance as they understand horses and horsey people.
Kind regards,
J Windsor, Chester

Dear Nicola,
I am writing to thank you for the loss of use cheque for Mowgli that I have received recently. Also for your continued help over the long and difficult time since his lameness was diagnosed. It is not what we hoped his life would be like, but he is quite happy doing very little, so we will see how thins go in the future. Once again – thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Exxxxx Dxxxx, Preston

On moving to new premises recently, the help & advice given by the commercial team at Millins was second to none. I was content that no matter what else needed doing, I could sit back & relax knowing that the right insurance was in place to satisfy the rather vague lease requirements.
Many Thanks. Duncan Reid.  clickSCR Ltd SEO & Social Media

Dear Wendy,
Just a note of appreciation for your management of our burglary, we have just returned from holiday to find the cheque in settlement. Once again thank you and all at Millin for your efforts on our behalf.
Yours sincerely,
Kath Calveley, Lancashire

Dear Nicola,
…………………… I had promised to put down a few words for you to use for your website. I would like to say that firstly when I changed vets at the beginning of the claim that xxxxxxxvets asked who my insurance company were. When I said it was Millin Insurance they immediately said “oh that’s fine, there will be no problem with payment, as they have a very good reputation”. Personally I found you a pleasure to deal with…………………….. Misty’s illness was a very stressful time and Millin Insurance made the insurance side of it very “stress free”. Thanking you …..
Sxx Pxxxxxx, Middleton, Manchester

…………………… yes the deal has gone through thanks again for your help over the last 5 years. We have been bought by XXXX. The likely scenario I’m afraid is that XXXX will already have their own insurance. However, thanks for all your help ………….. regards.
Simon Pxxxxxx, The Xxxxxxxx Storage Company

Dear John,
…………………… My grateful thanks to you for all your assistance with my water damage claim. It again proves that having a broker and not dealing direct does have more than its benefits. My thanks again John……………
Axxxxxxx Hxxxx, Chartered Surveyor

Dear Mrs Cook,
Re: Livestock Carrier Renewal.
I enclose a cheque of £xx.xx in payment of the above. Thank you for your excellent, reliable service.
Yours sincerely,
Jxxx Axxxxx, Aberdeenshire

Hello John,
…………………… I would like to thank you for the excellent service you have given over the last 40 years, It really has been a pleasure to do business with you. So rare in this day and age…………….. thanks once again to you and your staff. May your business prosper………
David Hoyle, Monmouth

I haven’t been lucky with my horses in the last few years but I do feel that I’ve been lucky to have them insured with Millins. All my claims have been dealt with efficiently and pleasantly and when the odd genuine misunderstanding has arisen (and these things do happen from time to time) it has been dealt with very fairly. Above all else, it makes a huge difference to have a real person to speak to in a stressful situation. One of my horses had to be put down recently and I simply wouldn’t have had the heart to put in a claim for the death of a much loved friend (even if I had realised that I could) but I told Millins so that the premium could be adjusted and the next thing I knew, a cheque had been posted out to me.
I would recommend them to anyone wanting to insure a horse.
Ms Dxxxxxxx, Cheshire

Dear Wendy,
Thank you so very much for all your help in setting up our horsebox business ………………… I thought your knowledge, advice, support and help was fantastic and I am looking forward to many years of business with Millins.
Many thanks.
Lynne Hall, Hall’s Horsebox Hire Frodsham, Cheshire

Thank you for all the service over the years (I think I first insured with you in 1997) and throughout the various claims especially in relation to numerous trips to Leahurst Equine Hospital and the associated claims etc. for a leg injury. Your team were always helpful and the claims promptly processed.

I will recommend your services to others (and have already done so) and should my circumstances change and if in the future I require “Equine” related insurance again – then I would not hesitate to come back.
Thanking you kindly.
J Kennerly.

Dear Clair,
Thank you for the policy documents for our holiday home insurance which arrived a couple of days before completion of the purchase, and for the cheque which was indeed a lovely surprise. Thank you too for your very helpful and friendly service. The £15 placement fee was money well spent and we are grateful to you for your efforts on our behalf……………With many thanks and kind regards,
Mrs Sxxxxx, Sheffield

Dear Mrs Cook,
Thank you for your letter received today and also for your great efforts in negotiating with Legal & General on my behalf. I realise that this has not been an easy task for you and I sincerely appreciate your care and attention……………………………….. Kind regards.
Mrs Gxxxxxxxx, Southport

Many thanks for this email – just shows the advantage of using a high quality broker. In the event, all turned out well today & I’m in possession of my new Golf! Again, many thanks for the high quality service
Henry, Oxfordshire

When we set up our Self Catering Holiday Cottage business we were at a loss as to what insurance would actually be required and who would be able to arrange it. A friend recommended Millin Insurance as having a friendly, professional approach and a “can do” attitude. The service we received was great and Wendy and her team arranged exactly what was required with the minimum of fuss. Thank you !!
Melling Dub Farm, North Yorkshire

(On receiving a household insurance claim settlement cheque) Thank you for your letter and the enclosed cheque which I received this morning………….. I am so grateful to you for all the help you give me – you’re wonderful!
Mrs Xxxxxxxx, Southport

(On receiving a motor insurance claim settlement cheque) I am quite sure in my own mind that without your good services I would not have received anything, or at the most a smaller sum. I am writing now to thank you for all the hard work that you put in on my behalf which is much appreciated. I know that you spent a lot of time over the several negotiations. With best wishes for Christmas and for the year to come.
Dr Xxxxxxxx, Lancaster

Through my own business I have been involved with the very professional personnel and management at Millins for over 5 years now……… The reason I return to Millins year after year is the sound knowledge that I am receiving expert advice from a professional team in a friendly and supportive manner………. but there is even more from Millins which is difficult to find today. They combine a thoroughly professional attitude with one of friendliness also. I have no hesitation in recommending Millins to business colleagues and friends and certainly have done so in the past and will continue to do so as they have never let me, business colleagues or friends down.
Jim Wainwright, JWA Ltd.

There have been lots of hurdles and challenges to overcome in setting up Fizzpotzz….. one of the hardest things lately has been getting insurance when we moved to new premises. None of the main insurance companies would insure us at all, not at any price, they weren’t interested and it was only after going through a specialist broker that we were able to overcome that. Millins persued a case for us where others would not even try, and made our new business possible.
Sheila Haswell Fizzpotzz

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